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Wuhan New Land Environmental-friendly Materials Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise established in July 1998. Wuhan New Land Environmental-friendly Materials Co.,Ltd. was publicly listed in the Beijing National Stock Transfer System (NEEQ) in July 2016, with 837853 as stock code. 

Our company is mainly engaged in the research and production of "Sterilization disinfection antiseptic preservation" related products; at the same time, we provide customers with optimized microbial control solutions. 

The service fileds include Medical Treatment and Public Health, sea water desalination, metal processing, oilfield refining, daily chemical and pharmaceutical accessories, and automotive maintenance, etc.

Our company has built a 300,000-level production purification plant of disinfectant products, and obtained the certification and approval documents of disinfection products issued by the Health and Family Planning Commissions of China and Hubei province successfully. We have put several disinfection products into the market, and these products rank the leading position of Hubei province. 

Our company is not only a long-term trading partner of BASF in China, but also a agent of speciality chemicals of international companies such as DOW, SOLVAY, TOTAL, NH, GALAXY, etc.; we aim to provide more choices for the system safety operation of customers and long-acting preservation of products. 

Now, our company is the Council Member of China Desalination Association, the executive director of Hubei Branch of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, the member of Shanghai Disinfection Products Association, and the key three-item-support unit of District-Level scientific research in Wuhan city; moreover, we are certificated to ISO9001 management system. 

Adhering to the business philosophy of "service determines success or failure, quality creates the future", our company makes efforts to provide excellent products and quality services for users. 

Let us work together to create a bright future. 

uhan New Land Environmental-friendly Materials Co., Ltd.

Sterilization, disinfection, preservation, preservation
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